Monday, August 9, 2010

Motivational Monday!

August feels like it's creeping by but I'm not buying it.  I'm racing to write, revise, and polish a project before a September 1st deadline.  August 31st is looming!  I can see it and it's already making me nervous...wait, stop.  This is Motivational Monday, not Moaning Monday.  Okay, so here goes -   

Agent Rachelle Gardner's post, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, is about how she decided not to "record" her family vacation but to "experience" it instead.  A good read for all of us considering "unplugging" for a bit.  

I loved the post, "Lost" and The High Narrative Price of WTF, by agent Nathan Bransford.  This is for readers, writers, die hard "Lost" fans and those of us who gave up somewhere in the first few seasons.  It's about what happens when you tease the reader/viewer with a WTF moment borrowed from the end of a story but then don't deliver on it.  Really good stuff here.  (In case you didn't know, WTF means "What the F***?" or, according to Phil, from the TV show "Modern Family" - you're a fan of the show, right?  If not, you should be! - it can also mean "Why The Face?")

And I just want to say thanks again for everyone who emailed or commented about my interview over at WOW! Women on Writing.  I really appreciate it.

And now, back to work...

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