Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The "King" of All Days (Part I)

Regular readers of this blog know I am a HUGE fan of Stephen King. When I learned he lives part-time in my area, I was thrilled. When I learned people I knew, knew him - or at least had chatted with him - I moved beyond thrilled into ecstatic. One day, I would meet him. I was sure of it.

My husband and I used to joke - "Sure, SK will just show up at the chain bookstore on a busy weekend morning at the exact same time we're there. Of course. Why not?" (But we always kept our eyes open, just in case.)

And then...

...I happened to be at the bookstore on a weekday morning. I'd gone to the eye doctor and I was just giving my eyes time to adjust before driving home. (Any excuse to go to a bookstore, right?) I was wandering around a table of books near the registers when I thought, Wouldn't it be funny if SK was here today? Ha ha.  (I know this next part is going to sound hokey but I'm telling you, it's true.) I looked up and there he was. Just like a regular person, he was getting on line, a few books in hand.

I froze. Then, I panicked. Should I run back and get a book for him to sign? But what if I don't have time and I miss him? Ack! And I don't want to make a scene, cause a crowd to surround the man. What if he's in a hurry? What if he's sick of fans accosting him? I don't want to be rude or annoying but I can't let this opportunity pass me by.

I decided to wait by the end of the line, near the doors, so I can say a quick something before he leaves. He's chatting with my friend, P, at the register. She sees me hovering and waves me over but SK is already leaving and I have to do something...

(I'm not sure if this qualifies as a "cliffhanger" but you'll still have to come back on Friday to read Part II and find out what happens. One really obvious hint - I acted like a giant dork.)


  1. So COOL! Can't wait to read what happens next. I still haven't leveled up from "House in Bangor Stalker." =]

  2. Milo, I remember that picture on your blog and that was so not stalking. Now, if you had been climbing the fence, book in hand for him to sign, well, then... :)

  3. Awesome! I want to know what happens. I'll be back on Friday for sure.

  4. Ah ha - I finally learned how to write one of those. Thanks, Angela. :)

    E.R. - please don't get too excited. I mean, it's not like I spoke to the man or anything...or did I??? :)

  5. Yay - When you mentioned meeting Stephen King a few posts ago I was hoping you'd share more of the story!

  6. OF COURSE YOU DID!!!!! As would I. I mean, it's STEPHEN FREAKING KING. I have acted like a dork for much um, how to put this delicately?

    We'll say medium-published authors. :-)

    Honestly, Madeline, you know I'm ever so much older than you...what if I don't remember to come back here? Then I wake up in the middle of the night THREE weeks from now in a PANIC because I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

    Well, I suppose I could hunt down the post on your blog. I always find lovely stuiff here, so fine.

    Btw, I have a Juniorest Hall story that involves your Hint Fiction antho, But I shall send you an email (assuming I remember) as I've already gone on a bit here today. ;-)

  7. Stay tuned, Jillian. :)

    (I'm afraid I'm going to become of those people who talk about "that one moment of their lives" over and over and over until everyone is sick of hearing about it.)

  8. Cathy, I don't know how much older than me you think you are but I bet it's not nearly as much as you think. :)

    (But if I don't see a comment from you on the Part II post by next week, I'll remind you to read it, don't worry.)

    Now who's using the cliffhanger technique?! I'm waiting for that email... :)

  9. Hey, what's this cliffhanger stuff? I want to know now! King must have been buying books for someone else. How does that guy find time to read?

    A Faraway View

  10. Lee, I always wish I had asked him what he was reading/buying. Or at least noticed what the books were.

    (I hope that didn't spoil the cliffhanger for you in any way!) :)

  11. Looking forward to the next part of the story! I'm happy to hear that he's supporting a local bookstore. That is awesome! YAY!

  12. Angela - I'm feeling a lot of pressure now. I hope I didn't build up the end too much... :)

    Stacy - he apparently pops up all over the place. During one of his book's events awhile back, he talked about meeting a fan while shopping in one of the local grocery stores! I guess even he has to eat. :)

  13. I'm glad I saw this now, when you already have part 2 posted, or I'd be screaming. :-)