Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Don't Miss STILL MISSING by Chevy Stevens

Have you ever read a book with a story so terrifying you wanted to put it down but it was so well written you couldn't?  Still Missing by Chevy Stevens is one of those books.

Forget reading the first half of the book in bed, at night.  Unless you enjoy having nightmares, that is.  But the book itself will keep you up at night for different reasons - it's horrifying, creepy and suspenseful, it introduces you to a woman you will not soon forget, and it will have you crying and cheering (sometimes at the same time!) for her as she struggles to find some semblance of herself again. 

And the end?  A reward unto itself. 

(Hmm, can you tell I liked this book?)


  1. I read the synopsis, and the story sounds like my worst nightmare. So I gotta read it. LOL

  2. I hear you, Arlene! Why do we do this to ourselves?!

    It mentions on the author's bio page how when she'd do open houses, she'd torture herself with thoughts of all the horrible things that could happen. Yikes!