Thursday, November 15, 2012

Shelf Space - A GIVEAWAY!

It's that time of year again when I force myself to clean up and clear out my bookshelves.

It's time for the books I no longer love to move on and find someone who will care for them and adore them the way they deserve. (This melodrama is why I don't go through my bookshelves too often.)

So, wouldn't you like to give these books a second chance at love? Or maybe you know someone who has some empty space on their bookshelves that are yearning to be filled?

Now just what books am I giving away? It's a surprise (to you, and to me.) I am going through my shelves off and on and finding all sorts of goodies. How about some older issues of Glimmer Train? Or some mysteries to read as the winter day slides into chilly night? An autographed book or an ARC (Advanced Reader's Copy) might make it into the mix as well. (It sort of depends on how strong and carefree I'm feeling at the moment.)

To enter: Leave a comment telling us what book or books will always have a permanent home on your shelves. You have until 12 noon EST on Sunday, November 18th to enter.  

I'll put all the names in the tortoises' food dish and let them pick out a few winners. (And Mrs Larry would like it known that she cannot be bribed with basil or strawberries. Larry? Well, he's playing it close to his shell...) 

I'll announce the winners next week. Please give my books a good home! 


  1. Hi Madeline,
    What a generous and practical way to clean your book shelves. I always have room on my shelves for books on writing or anthologies with wonderful stories in them.

  2. Donna - I'll keep in mind your preferences if the tortoises pull your name out of the dish. :)

  3. Lovely idea, Madeline! Staples on my book shelf are Grimms Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Anderson's stories, The Scarlet Letter, and the collection of Jane Austen's novels. :)