Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Rest in Peace, Mr. Bradbury

"In 2009, at a lecture celebrating the first anniversary of a small library in Southern California's San Gabriel Valley, Bradbury exhorted his listeners to live their lives as he said he had lived his: "Do what you love and love what you do."
"If someone tells you to do something for money, tell them to go to hell," he shouted to raucous applause."

Amen, sir. Amen.

For more information about the life and death of Ray Bradbury, here are the links for a USA Today article (from where the above excerpt is taken) and Mr. Bradbury's website.


  1. amen indeed. going to miss his intelligence! glad we have quotes!

  2. He will be greatly missed, but in many ways, thanks to his incredible body of work, he will remain immortal for generations to come. May we strive to walk in his steps.

  3. Tara - absolutely!

    Milo - I have his ZEN book on my table. I think it will stay there for quite awhile.