Monday, June 4, 2012

Motivational Monday

(Madeleine L'Engle)

Well, I don't know if I'd say that's exactly the way it happened for me. It was more like I had to coax and cajole the idea out from under the tortoises' tank where it was trying to blend in with the dust bunnies. I promised it chocolate and peanut butter and episodes of "The Walking Dead" and ghost stories around the campfire if it would just come out and go along with me to camp - Camp NaNoWriMo, that is.

I'm not sure what ultimately convinced the idea to jump into my backpack - I have a feeling the tortoises just got sick of hearing me whine and chased it out from under their tank. But whatever.

I've got my bug spray and a stick for roasting marshmallows and the cord to charge my laptop and an idea. A creepy crawly idea that might send me running and screaming into the dark, dark woods.

I'd better bring a flashlight.

If you're "camping" this June, too, let me know. And even though I was always the one the others girls wanted to walk with them through the woods to the building with the bathrooms, I promise I won't ask you to be my bathroom buddy. Really. Unless I have to go really, really bad . . . .  


  1. I'll be your bathroom buddy! Although I will probably be the one scared of walking through the woods since I'm a total chicken.

    I cracked up about Larry and Mrs. Larry chasing the story out from under their tank. :D

  2. Mmmmm. Chocolate and peanut butter.

    I have some friends doing Camp NaNo this year. I'm cheering for them but I'm not doing it myself because I didn't my editing done in time. Better luck next year.

  3. Julie - don't get me wrong, I'm a total chicken, too, which is why for the life of me I still can't understand why everyone wanted ME with them. Unless they were planning to throw me to the zombies and then run away... :)

    MJ - there's a Camp session in August, too. Maybe you can make that one.

  4. Chocolate and peanut butter, The Walking Dead, and ghost stories are great ways to tempt the muse. I should try that too. :)

  5. i'm there in august! good luck & tell me how it goes =)

  6. I'm not doing it, but I look forward to hearing your progress. Good luck with it.

  7. Donna - we'll see... :)

    Laurita - problem is then that's ALL the Muse wants to do. :)

    Tara - good luck to you in August! (Hopefully I will not still be wandering around the woods...)

    Annalisa - thank you!