Saturday, April 27, 2013

King's Speech: X is for eXPECTATIONS

Regular readers of The Shellshank Redemption know how much I enjoy a good quote (see Motivational Mondays) and that I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (see the King of All Days Part I and Part II.) So, for the 2013 A-Z Challenge, I decided to combine the two, using some of my favorite King quotes about reading, writing and life in general. Enjoy!


At [writing's] most basic we are only discussing a learned skill, 
but do we not agree that sometimes the most basic skills can create things far beyond our eXPECTATIONS? 
We are talking about tools and carpentry, about words and style . . . 
but as we move along, you’d do well to remember that we are also talking about magic. 
(Stephen King)

I am a big believer in the existence of magic in writing, in any art or creative endeavor. I’ve read books and seen movies and TV shows and stared at paintings where I just knew that everything came together in some mysterious, wonderful, amazing way, a way that will not, and could not, ever be duplicated. Call it magic, God, Fate, Destiny, the Universe. Call it what you will. When it works, it works.


  1. I know what you mean! Like a powerful song that stays with you a long time.

  2. Whatever it is named or labelled, it is magic! It's what makes writing, reading, art, music, all creative making and enjoying so very basic and nourishing to our souls!

    Wonderful :)

  3. It's so true. If it doesn't sparkle (and I'm not talking in a vampire way here), it doesn't deserve to be on the shelves. I think this might be half the reason I write--experiencing the magic when it happens.

  4. Crystal - sparkling vampires, hee hee. :)

    Julie - I know it was cheating a bit for "X" but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  5. Isn't it the best feeling when everything just falls into place in writing (and in life!!)? ;)

  6. Those magic moments are what make all the really hard stuff worth while.

  7. Easy to recognise when you see it, hard to produce.

    Moody Writing

  8. It's one of those weird and wonderful things that you know when you see it, but couldn't ever explain why it works so well...

  9. Morgan - absolutely!

    Kate - it really is like a reward.

    Jai - I felt a little like I was cheating but thank you!

    Moody - it's so hard to pin down and apply.

    Kate - I've lost track of how many times I've tried to tell someone why I loved a book or a movie and just couldn't define it exactly.

  10. This is why I like going to modern art museums. Sometimes the art is so wacky, and I wonder about the inspiration!

  11. Steph - I always wonder how people think of the things hey do - whether it's a story or an artwork or an invention, etc. I even wonder that about myself a lot of the time. :)