Tuesday, April 16, 2013

King's Speech: N is for NUTS

Regular readers of The Shellshank Redemption know how much I enjoy a good quote (see Motivational Mondays) and that I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (see the King of All Days Part I and Part II.) So, for the 2013 A-Z Challenge, I decided to combine the two, using some of my favorite King quotes about reading, writing and life in general. Enjoy!


And people who don’t dream, 
who don’t have any kind of imaginative life, 
they must…they must go NUTS. 
I can’t imagine that. 
(Stephen King)

I can’t imagine not imagining, not daydreaming, not wondering. I can’t imagine not asking “What if…?” when I look around the world. I can’t imagine not seeing monsters lurking in corners or darkness lurking beneath every façade. (Okay, honestly, maybe not picturing those kinds of things for a bit would be a welcome break for my weary mind.)

Without my imagination, who would I be?


  1. I think the truly great writers of the world are those who have not lost touch with their imagination...

  2. Hi Madeline,
    This is a very clever combination of quotes and story.

    And I agree with the quote.


  3. This is wonderful... I am always one to ask "what if"... not to second-guess my decisions, but to see where my imagination can take me. :)

  4. Alex - so true.

    Les - I sometimes find it tricky to let it be more about imagination and less about second guessing.

  5. I would go nuts. I can't imagine live without imagination.

  6. I would not want to have Stephen King's mind. I think all the stuff going on in his head would overwhelm me and make me insane.

  7. I agree with King and glad I can't imagine it either. :)

  8. Jai - I know, right?

    Michael - I have enough trouble with my own mind. :)

    Julie - imagine not having an imaginations! :)

  9. I think I sometimes take having a vivid imagination for granted, until I meet someone who doesn't have one.

  10. I think I would go nuts too. Sometimes having an overactive imagination is a very tiring thing but it what makes us interesting!

    Interesting N day :)

  11. Susan - I tend to take it for granted, too.

    Lexie - sometime I wonder if I'd have more mental peace without it, but I'd still rather have it than not. :)

  12. Great quote. I tend to think that people who have no imagination, no reason to be creative- these are people who tend to be the ones who are jealous of the ones who do have those qualities.

  13. Great quote! But when I first read your title I thought you were going to talk about the movie The King's Speech. LOL!

  14. Cynthia - good point and definitely something to keep in mind when others are not supportive etc.

    Elise - I was trying to be clever. :)

  15. Who would we all be? LOVE that quote.