Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Just when I needed a bit of an ego boost, the talented Simon Kewin bestowed upon me a Very Inspiring Blogger Award. He's a big fan of the Motivational Monday posts, which thrills me to no end.

So, I'm supposed to share seven facts about myself. Hmm, let's see if I can come up with something A) interesting and B) something I haven't told you all already... Here goes!

1) One of my favorite pairs of shoes ever were a pair of pink and gray Converse high tops. I wore them with my high school uniform. (Classy, I know.)

2) I find myself hooked on the TV shows "Nashville" and "Scandal." (I find this odd because I'm not really into country music or politics.)

3) I still have my teddy bear and Raggedy Ann dolls from when I was a kid.

4) I have a huge collection of seashells and other beach miscellanea.

5) I give myself a pep talk before most social encounters. 

6) When my husband and I were dating, I pretended to not be nervous about going on a really high roller coaster because I wanted him to think I was brave. (That was dumb for a number of reasons, but especially because we'd been friends for three years before that so he pretty much already knew I was a chicken.)

7) It might seem to others that I say "no" easily and quickly, but believe me, a lot of agonizing and consideration and weighing the pros and cons goes on before I do. 

I'm also supposed to pass this on to seven other bloggers who inspire me, but I'm not going to do that because I think a lot of you have already received this award - and rightly so! - and I honestly couldn't pick just seven. You all inspire me in different ways - whether it's through laughs, advice, encouragement, or book reviews, etc. I am grateful to all of you for brightening my blogging days!


  1. A richly-deserved award. Glad it provided an ego-boost.

  2. I've watched the odd episode of Scandal here and there, and it always manages to suck me in. So much so that I'm considering just giving in and watching the show from the start.

    I still have a bunch of stuffed animals from when I was a kid too.

  3. MJ - it's so strange to me sometimes the shows/movies/books that suck me in. If you're going to keep watching Scandal, I would go back and watch it form the beginning - the plot twists will make more sense and make you gasp. :)

  4. The Nashville thing is odd. But why not?
    And I would have no problem saying no to the roller coaster.

  5. Alex - I have no problem saying no to roller coasters now, although I sometimes will give them a try if they're more twisty than high.

  6. yay for old, cherished stuffed toys!!

    and i will try the self pep talk. i get the shakes very badly when i get up to give a speech, but not when i teach math!

  7. Tara - maybe you could work math into your next speech somehow? :) The pep talk doesn't always work but it definitely helps.

  8. I still have a favourite fair of Converse. My son bought them for me, but they're getting slightly old and broken and really need replacing.

    Congratulations on the award!

  9. Annalisa - I wish I had kept my old ones. I know I can get a new pair, but it's not the same. Sigh.