Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Collecting Advice

How many times have I mentioned putting my stories together into a collection? Five? Twenty? More than that? Sheesh. (Apparently the Year of Yes has turned into the Year of Hemming and Hawing.)

I'm not usually this much of a procrastinator. The project just feels so...daunting to me. Between the technology learning curve and the marketing aspect and the potential for more rejection makes me want to duck my head back under the pages of my slow-moving tortoise of a novel-in-progress. (And honestly, Larry and the Mrs. move faster than me and my work.) 

But enough is enough. My flash fiction collection will be out by the end of this year (come on, I need some sort of cushion!), hopefully by the end of the summer. 

Many of you have already done this or something similar, and I would so appreciate any thoughts, advice, or tips on the subject, whether about e-publishing or choosing a cover or arranging the stories or promoting it. Feel free to comment or, if you'd rather, go ahead and email me at: 

MadelineMora-Summonte (at) hotmail (dot) com.  

Thank you all!


  1. I like that "year of hemming and hawing" thing. It's the perfect description for what I'm doing in 2013 too. Not that that's what I had intended. I, too, intend to put out my novel by the end of the year.

    Have you been to the IndieReCon ( site? It's chock full of info that you might find useful.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. MJ - ah, nice to have company! :) I have a note about that IndieReCon - thanks! And you better get Effigy out by the end of the year because I want to read it. :)

  3. Wow, I can point you at many who've done it - Cherie Reich, M. Pax, and Christine Rains have all done several books. Bet they could help.

  4. I don't have any experience/advice regarding this topic, but I CAN say that I'm really excited that you're putting a collection together! And that's a clever blog post title you have up there, by the way :-). Best of luck with this exciting project, and I'm sure you'll have lots of blog readers willing to vote on possible cover designs, let you know their favorite stories of yours, help promote the book when it comes out, etc... I definitely will be, anyway!

  5. Jillian - thank you so much! I really appreciate your support. :)

  6. It's a big subject, and it does seem daunting, but just tackle each issue as it arises and you'll get there. You can do it all yourself - editing, encoding, cover, promotion - or you can hand some or all of those over to an expert (and pay them). When I did mine, I enjoyed the challenge of doing it all myself, but that can be time-consuming. And I'm still useless at the promotion side...

  7. ask christine rains about success in epublishing. she is now a pro at it.
    good luck!
    fabulous news!!

  8. Simon - thank you for all of the advice, esp about tackling each issue at a time, as it arises. That makes it feel much less overwhelming. :)

    Tara - thank you!