Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Am NaNoWriMo-Less This November

I participated in and won National Novel Writing Month for 8 years. 

I participated in and won Camp NaNo for 2 years.

This November I am saying "no" to NaNo in order to say "yes" (See my The Year of Yes post) to something else - my current work in progress, the manuscript I took to the The Breakout Novel Intensive V2.0 conference this past September. 

I tried to find a way to make this WiP fit in with NaNo but I just couldn't. And I didn't want to lose the momentum and forget all the great advice and encouragement I received at BONI.

And so, this year, while I will not be sporting the newest NaNo t-shirt (believe me, I have enough of them - they're pretty much my in-house wardrobe), I will take out my "plot" mug and I will raise it in a toast to all of you who are participating - Good Luck, Everyone!


  1. 8 years of NaNo wins, huh? Color me impressed.

    But you have a very valid reason to skip this year. If I was in a similar situation, I'd be doing the same thing.

  2. MJ - I wonder what color "impressed" would be? I like purple. :)

    Alex - yes, but it's hard to break routine - at least it is for me. :)

  3. Wow, 8 years of NaNo in a row! I bow to you LOL. I'm just hoping I can make it through my first one. I didn't even know there were NaNo t-shirts but now I have to get one.

    Have a great weekend, Madeline! :)

  4. Julie - oh, I KNOW you can do it. :) And yes, there are not only Participant shirts but Winner shirts, too. And all kinds of other goodies.

  5. I want that mug!

    I'm not NaNoing either. I did it last year though, and it was fun. I also sorta did it last month. 60k in 16 days is my personal best! But boy, is my WIP a mess!

  6. Emily - I got the mug on the NaNo site. :) And we'll just root for all our friends this time around.

  7. sounds like a good plan! and love the mug!

  8. wow! congrats for sure for winning so many years! makes for a great wardrobe, i bet :)

    new follower here, hi!

  9. Tara - thanks!

    Tammy - I am quite stylish. :) And welcome to TSR!

  10. I'm in love with that mug! :-)

    And I think Nano's great, but I also think you have to have the right motivation. You ARE motivated--and that's what counts, no matter what month you write (or how many words). ;-)

  11. Cathy - that's a great point re motivation. Thanks! :)