Friday, June 29, 2012

Back from Camp!

Whew! I've returned from Camp NaNo with a backpack stuffed with over 51,000 words, a compass, a glow stick and the mug you see pictured above. 

Unfortunately, I also have a manuscript with no ending, enough plot threads to weave myself some sort of poncho, and characters who appear in early chapters who are never heard from again. (Maybe the Chupacabra got them?)

So, as I sort through all these things - some dirty and smelly, some shiny and bright - spilling out of my backpack, I think about what to do now, what to do next...

First things first - keep the tortoises away from the s'mores . . .   

Second thing - fill up my mug with some good strong coffee . . .

Third thing - grab up my glow stick and compass and dive back in. The next time you see me, I'll either have a pretty good draft of my manuscript or I'll be sporting a snazzy plot thread poncho.

How's your summer going? How's your writing and reading coming along?


  1. That does sound fun. Going well here - although it will tail off once the kids break up from school, I just know it ...

  2. Simon - I'm glad things are going well for you! Keep in mind that Camp NaNo has a session in August also... :)

  3. Oh, congratulations! That is no mean feat getting those words under your belt - or should I say tent!!!! I did NaNo in the fall and it was tremendous!!!! But still, wow, a marathon. Threads or not, you rock! Keep the momentum going!
    And, hey, LOVE that mug!

  4. I love hearing how much people love Nano. It changed my life and I get bummed every time I can't participate. I'm still editing my novel from last year's camp so I decided to forgo it this year, but I'm already I'm saving ideas up for 2013.

    Congrats on winning and good luck with the editing!

  5. None of my NaNo projects have ever had an ending. But they've all had 50k+ words and that's what counts.

    Nice going!!

    And if you do end up with a plot thread poncho, make sure to post pictures...

  6. Cathy - thanks! And isn't that mug great? I love it!

    Avery - thank you! I'm going to need all the good luck I can get with the editing and revising. Oh, and don't forget there's another session of Camp NaNo in August. :)

    M.J. - thanks! But believe me, as un-crafty as I am, no one would want to see a plot thread poncho that I made. :)

  7. congrats for getting thru! awesome accomplishment!
    and cool mug!

  8. Congrats on all them words! Good luck wrappin' up them threads. And *definitely* keep the s'mores safe! :-)
    Some Dark Romantic

  9. YAY for you! That is a lot of progress and so exciting! I hope that glow stick and compass serve you well as you tie everything up for the ending!!!
    And... love the mug!

  10. Tara - thanks! I think the mug is cool, too.

    Mina - no worries, the s'mores are safe...for now.

    Leigh - my husband got me the compass and glow stick - he worries about me. :)

  11. But on the plus side, you have 51,000 words you didn't have a month ago - sounds like a great start to me. Well done for completing the challenge!

  12. Can I just say that you are one impressive camper?

    And also that you might want to work up an outline before you slash and burn. Helps you know who and what you need to keep!

    (Said the writer who's revised a Nano ms so many times she barely recognizes it. But at least now I have an outline. Whee.)

  13. Cathy - go on! :) Thanks for the idea re the outline. I have a loose one already but I know it's going to change drastically. Sigh.