Thursday, May 10, 2012

Story A Day in May: Progress Report

I learned about Story A Day from new blogging buddy, Elizabeth Twist. (For The Blogging A-Z Challenge April 2012, Elizabeth posted bits of research she planned on using for stories written for Story A Day in May.)

Knowing my creativity needed a boost, I signed up. Two days before it started. Two days. I had no plan, no prompts, no list, no nothing. While my husband wondered what had happened to his real wife, I banged my head on my desk a few times, hoping to shake some sense loose. 

And, as usual, I worried for nothing. I am loving this challenge! I modified it a bit - as The Rules say you're free to do - and that helped me feel less, um, stressed. Instead of writing a story every day, I write one story every weekday. So, by the end of May, I'll have 23 new stories, some of which I'll revise and sub, some of which I won't. (As of today, I have seven stories written and I plan on going back to three of them.)

For me, it's become about focused creativity. My muse knows that Monday thru Friday we need to come up with . . . something. It needs a beginning, a middle, and end. It can be based on the prompts from Story A Day or not. It can be long or short or micro.

It's become more about the craft, more about story itself. And isn't that really what it's all about anyway?


  1. That is pretty cool :) These are short stories right?

  2. Angela - yep. Most of what I write tend to be flash but there's a couple of longer ones in the mix, too.

  3. Story a day for May? That rhymes. Happy coincidence or intentional? the world may never know.

  4. Michael - ha! It certainly makes it easy to remember, doesn't it? :)