Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kreativ? Me?

My pal, Jillian from over at Writing on a Limb, graciously bestowed upon me this nifty award. Thanks, Jillian!

I've written "random facts about myself" posts before (here and here) but I will do my best to come up with 10 new and (hopefully!) interesting tidbits about myself. 

1 - When I was a kid, my paternal grandparents let me drink red wine mixed with cream soda.

2 - When I was a kid, my maternal grandparents let me dip strawberries right into the sugar bowl.

3 - I could very easily cross the line into "germ-a-phobe" (if I'm not already there.)

4 - I really don't like to fly, but I force myself to do it.

5 - Any flower or plant that finds itself in my vicinity takes its life into its own hands (or its own stems or leaves.)

6 - Back in the 1980s, my high school won a radio station's school spirit contest where we all got tickets to see NKOTB in concert. (That's New Kids on the Block for all those not as hip and groovy as myself. Ahem.)

7 - My favorite comic strip of all time is Calvin and Hobbes.

8 - As much as I love scary movies and books, I am a total chicken.

9 - I would eat crunchy peanut butter-and-jelly sandwiches and drink chocolate milk every day if I thought my health and waistline could stand it.

10 - Two of my stories were once published on coffee can labels which were then distributed to the coffee company's customers.

And now, I am passing this snazzy award on to . . .


  1. Oh, NKOTB. I had such a crush on Jordan Knight in grade school. *is secretly jealous of your concert tickets*

    I love Calvin and Hobbes, too. Best comic strip ever.

  2. Avery - yes, Jordan was my favorite, too. :)

    I have all the Calvin and Hobbes books - just love them!

  3. I love C&H too. I wish I had a mischievous tiger as my best friend :)

  4. Thanks for passing this award on to me, Madeline! I really appreciate it, thanks so much. I enjoyed reading your "random" facts, especially about peanut butter sandwiches and chocolate milk. I've often thought I could happily live on PB&J! I am also a hopeless plant killer LOL.

    Thanks again!

  5. Hi Madeline,

    Thank you so much for this award.

    Your 10 self-disclosures are great. Your grandparents sound like gems. What wonderful memories of a joyful childhood!

    I'm with you on #5. Plants are not safe with me. While everyone else in my family inherited my mom's green thumb, that gene somehow missed me.


  6. Angela - another C&H fan! I so wish they were still around... :)

  7. Julie, you're very welcome! I look forward to your "random facts."

    I actually had PB&J and chocolate milk for lunch the day I wrote this post. :)

  8. Donna, you're so welcome! I can't wait to read your "random facts" posts - you always write good ones.

    Maybe there really is a "green thumb" gene? That would explain a lot... :)

  9. Gotta love Calvin and Hobbes. I've never had wine and cream soda. Of course I don't drink... : )

  10. Emily, even though I've been a "grown up" for more years than I like to admit, I still drink red wine and cream soda on occasion - it always takes me back to my grandparents' table. :)

  11. Why, thanks, Madeline!

    What we have in common: 3,4,5. I like 7, too, but Pearls Before Swine never fails to crack me up. Oh! And 8. Definitely 8.

    The coffee can stories are way cool. Dang. I've got nothing like that. :-)

  12. Cathy, there are definitely other funny comic strips but C and H will always be tops for me. :)

    And I'm starting to worry about how many of us here can't keep our plants alive. If civilization ends, I hope none of us will have to grow our own food...