Monday, December 12, 2011

Motivational Monday

(Harriet Braiker)

I like learning. I like the idea of taking a class in this or a class on that. I like picking up a book or checking out a website on a certain topic. But somewhere along the line, I stopped doing that. And I know why...

If I couldn't know everything about it, if I wasn't going to become an expert in it, then why bother? If I'm not going to "finish" what I start, then that means I didn't complete it, that I didn't succeed. Right?    

Wrong. It's taken me a looooong time to understand this, and even though I get it logically, there's still a part of me that balks at not being "perfect" at whatever it is. But by limiting myself to my usual all-or-nothing approach, I limited myself entirely. I stopped growing and learning and trying. I can make a cake and not have to become a pastry chef. I can learn belly dancing and not have to perform on a stage in front of an audience. I can know a little about a lot of things and that doesn't make me lazy: it make me interesting.

So, this week - and always! - let's throw perfection to the curb and embrace excellence, however you choose to define it.


  1. What a great quote! I need to remember that :)

  2. Growing, learning, and trying is what makes it fun. Enjoy the journey Madeline :)

  3. I'm much the same way except I tend to forget things pretty easily and remember absurdly trivial details at other times. But I think it's good to keep an active mind and there have been times when my mind bank of quirky knowledge has come in handy.

    If I could afford it I always be taking some kind of classes.

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  4. Lee, I once led our trivia team to victory because of some weirdo factoid I knew. Now, if you ask me something "important," though, I'd be in trouble. :)

  5. Another great post, Madeline! I've been fighting perfectionism most of my life, and I'm only starting to get a handle on it.