Thursday, October 20, 2011

A "10 Random Things" Post

Julie over at What Else is Possible? tagged me to do a "10 Things" post. So, here are 10 random (hopefully halfway interesting) things about me:

* I met my husband during college orientation when we were both trying to get out of taking the science requirement.

* When I was little, my family had a cat whose back legs grew but whose front legs didn't, so he kind of walked/ran like a rabbit. (He was an inside cat so no worries.)

* I broke my collarbone when I was three years old just by falling out of bed.

* I acted like a big dork when I met Stephen King. (More on that in November so please come back and cringe with me.)

* I can't whistle.

* I wear my hair short and wear very little makeup because I am hopeless at doing anything decent/stylish with any of it. (Okay, I'm also just kind of lazy.)  

* I would like to swing on a trapeze some day. (Not professionally, just for fun. And with a net, of course.)

* I'm slightly peeved that my name seems to be coming back in style. (I've known about three "Madeline"s in my whole life and now every little girl running loose in the grocery store is named "Madeline.")

* I like to play Scrabble but I'm not very good at it. (Gasp! I know, right?)

* I can't say the word "coffee" without a Brooklyn accent.

Thanks to Julie for tagging me! Now, I'm to pay it forward to five more bloggers. Hmm, okay, here are five ladies I met through The Writers' Platform Building Campaign. I follow/subscribe to all of their blogs and I look forward to reading 10 random things about each of them. So...tag! You're it!



  1. I'm a huge fan of Scrabble but I rarely have anyone to play it with and I don't have the phone app. Sometimes I have this craving to swing on a trapeze because it seems like it might feel good to stretch my back muscles. You're not the only one with that wish. When I told my wife about it she said she'd like to swing (or at least hang) from a trapeze.

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  2. Lee, I play Scrabble on my phone and the computer beats me more times than I'd like to admit. :)

    Maybe I should change "swing" on a trapeze to "hang" - that's probably more my speed. :)

  3. Rabbit Cat -- there's a story, I know it!

    Cawfee? Cahfee? =]

  4. This is so fun. I'm lazy with my hair too, but I grow it long and put it in a pony tail. You are right about your name I know about 10 little girls who share it--annoying :)

  5. Milo, if you use Rabbit Cat in a story, I want credit. (Just don't name it after me, please. There's a lot of "Madeline"s around already...) :)

    The accent appears when I'm annoyed/angry or when I want coffee. Go figure. :)

  6. Angela - I used to have longish hair when I was younger. Do you remember banana clips? Loved those things.

    10 little girls named Madeline?! Two of the three "Madeline"s I knew spelled theirs differently than me. Not sure what the trend is now.

  7. Thanks - I had a lot of fun with this one!

  8. This is was a great way to get to know you (I'm a new follower). And I feel the same way about my name. I don't even turn around when I hear "Emily" called anymore because I know it's for a six-year-old.

  9. Hey, E.R./Emily - glad you enjoyed this post. I enjoy reading them though more than writing them, partly because I'm an introvert and partly because I struggle with finding things I think people might find interesting. :)

    Thanks for following us here at The Shellshank Redemption! The tortoises and I love when we get new followers.