Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pacing Yourself . . . the Tortoise Way

We put a parsley plant in the tortoises' tank. It was full and leafy and dressed up their home quite a bit. They both seemed to enjoy it, although Larry munched for longer and enjoyed poking around under it.

See how pretty the plant is? Okay. Now, the next day, I walked in the door and this is what I saw...

The chewed up plant was tipped over on its side. Mrs. L was waaaaaay over on the other side of the tank. Larry, however, was still nibbling the evidence.  

Now, did this happen because they were bored or because the plant was a novelty? Did they just enjoy having it so much, they couldn't resist reveling in it? I don't know, because all they did was look at me all innocent-eyed, even Larry who had parsley stuck to his face. 

As I pulled the ravaged plant from the tank, I also pulled a lesson:  Sometimes it's good to hold back, pace yourself, show a little restraint, but there's also something to be said for letting go, letting yourself go, and throwing yourself into something you love and relishing it.

So, go ahead - find your parsley plant...and do with it what you will.


  1. LOL! So will you try Tarragon next time ;O)

  2. Ha ha ha! They actually LOVE basil, too.

    What cracked me up was that it felt like they were waiting for us to be gone before they devoured it - sort of like little kids sneaking cookies or something. :)

  3. And yet you'd think a tortoise would be so slow... Guess it takes two.

  4. Milo, you'd be surprised. These two can motor when they want to.