Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Blogging Award? For Me?

Well, I guess I'm doing something right out here in the blogging world because pal Cathy C. Hall has awarded me The Stylish Blogger Award. (Apparently, Cathy has never actually seen me because stylish I am not.) But thank you, Cathy! Really! 

Now I have to link to the person who gave me the award. (See Ms. Cathy C above.) Next, I have to pass the award along to another deserving blogger or two (this is easy - Stacy and Arlene!) and congratulate them - I'll do that when I'm done here. And, lastly, I have to share seven things about myself. Here goes...

1) My two favorite books are A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The Stand.

2) When I actually met Stephen King, I acted like a complete dork.

3) One of my favorite TV shows is Law & Order: SVU and when I found out the two main characters/actors were changing roles and leaving, I just about cried. (See above:  Dork. Big dork.)

4) I don't lend out books. (If I loved a book, I will give it to you as a gift or tell you about it so you can go get your own copy.)

5) One of my guilty pleasures is Hamburger Helper. (Yeah, I know.)

6) My husband proposed to me while we were riding in a horse drawn carriage.   

7) As a kid, I used to put on magic shows for my parents and grandparents, and I would make my sister hide under the table so she could lift it and make it look like it was levitating. (Of course, it barely left the ground and when it did, it was crooked but she tried. She tried.)


  1. 1. Congratulations!
    2. We had Cheeseburger Macaroni Hamburger Helper a lot when I was kid. I rarely buy it anymore, but when I do it's a nostalgic treat for me.
    3. I haven't watched SVU in many years, but Chris Meloni is god-like and worthy of tears. ;)
    4. I *flailed* that you've met Stephen King.

  2. Oh, Madeline! Thank you so much for choosing me for the Stylish Blogger award. I fell like I should put on a top hat something. LOL
    P.S. You actually MET Stephen King? His "On Writing" is in my top five books on writing.

  3. WOW! Thanks, Madeline! I appreciate it very much. Love learning more about you too!

  4. Shelley - you can catch old episodes of SVU pretty much all the time...and I do. :)

    Don't hurt yourself with all that flailing. :) One of these days I'll write a post about meeting SK. I'll embarrass myself all over the place but I'll do it for my readers. :)

  5. Arlene, if anyone can pull off a top hat, it's you! :)

    SK actually signed a copy of On Writing for me. Just. So. Cool.

  6. Now, see? That's interesting stuff, Madeline!

    Is it just me, or is SK a little strange? Do tell (in an upcoming post).

    And yeah, HH is one of those guilty pleasures-we all fix it--and then act like we don't know EXACTLY where it is in the grocery store. ;-)

  7. You're very welcome, Stacy! :)

    Now it's your turn to share...

  8. I still don't know if I'd say 'interesting,' Cathy, but thank you! :)

    Nope, SK wasn't strange at all. He was very gracious to the uber-geek gushing like a schoolgirl. (Okay, I wasn't that bad. Really.)

  9. Congratulations on being a June Jack in the Box too with Write1Sub1!

  10. You met Stephen King? I'm so jealous. Mind you, I acted the same when I met William Shatner!

    Ellie Garratt

  11. Ellie, I'm glad I'm not alone in my fan-dorkiness. :)

  12. You met Stephen King? Cool! I've only stalked his house in Bangor... Congrats on meeting your June W1S1 goals. We're halfway there!

  13. Thanks, Milo - and congrats to you, too!

    I've also heard SK speak a couple of times - he really is a natural storyteller.

  14. Did Stephen King give you any advice?

    Way to go on the w1s1 progress!

  15. Hey, Matt, thanks for stopping by! And congrats to you on W1S1.

    He told me "good luck." :)