Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Tortoises' Resolutions

Yes, I know it's already a couple of weeks into the new year but you try getting two stubborn tortoises to hurry up and make resolutions - to hurry up and do anything! - and then come talk to me.

Anyway, Larry and Mrs. Larry hope that by making their resolutions public, they'll actually stick to them.  In 2011, the tortoises hope to:

Eat more greens
Eat more fruits and vegetables
Bask in the sun
Be nicer to each other
"Slow down" and enjoy life (like dining alfresco while munching fresh basil)

Hmm, they sound like pretty good resolutions to me.  Maybe those little tortoises are on to something...


  1. Great advice for tortoises and humans!
    Donna V.

  2. On a cold day like today (yes, even here in FL!) I especially like the basking in the sun part. :)

  3. They are wise beyong their years! Best of luck to Larry and Mrs. Larry. :)

  4. What ambitious little tortoises! Hhahaha! I love those guys! Er, guy. And his doll.

  5. Stacy, I'm learning a lot from the tortoises. Not sure if they're learning anything from me though... :)

  6. Cathy, I think it's more like the doll and her guy. :)

  7. Awh lovely tortoises. That pink really suits Mrs Larry :O)

  8. I'll tell Mrs. Larry you said so, Madeleine. :)