Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Sense of Direction in 2011

Well, I'm closing in on the first month of doing the Write 1 Sub 1 Monthly Challenge and I am definitely pleased.  The biggest positive I've seen for me so far is that it's given me direction.  I usually have one or more stories in progress but a lot of times what happens is that they end up sort of sitting and either don't get revised or they get revised but not submitted.  This challenge forces me to finish, revise and send at least one story out a month.  So far, so good.

I have to say, I'm in awe of all those doing the Weekly Challenge.  I don't think I could keep up that pace.  I have to let my stories sit - sometimes I let them sit too long! - and I don't know that I'd get enough distance to come back and see the changes and make those changes the way I'd need to in a week's time.  It's one of the things I find so fascinating about the writing process - how many different ways there are to do it.  No right way, no wrong way.  What works for one person might not work for another, what works for one project might not work for the next one. 

If you're doing the Write 1 Sub 1 Challenge - either the weekly or monthly version - how's it going?  Even if you're not participating, how is your writing and/or your reading progressing so far this year?


  1. Hi Madeline,
    Thanks to you, I signed on for Write1/Sub 1. And like you, in the past I've written stories but never quite taken the final step to submit them.
    I'm hoping this time will be different.
    Last Tuesday I read the first-part of a short story at critique group and am wrapping up the ending. Should have it done to submit by a Feb 1 deadline.
    I also posted a flash fiction piece on my website in response to another challenge, but I don't believe that counts for W1/S1.
    You are inspirational! Congratulations on already having submitted two stories.
    Donna V.

  2. I'm glad I was able to point you in the direction of the challenge! Congrats on all you've done, too. Now, let's keep out fingers crossed that we'll have some great acceptances and publications this year. :)

  3. Good job so early in the year! My writing and reading are still waiting to get started but reading success stories still makes me feel good. Kudos!

  4. Thanks, Sally! You should see the people doing the weekly challenge! :)

    You said you're still waiting to get started, but you're reading writing-related blogs, aren't you? And writing comments? You're not as far off as you might think!

    I know what you mean about the positive boost of success stories - it's why I like doing those quotes on Mondays.

  5. This is the kind of feedback I like to read. Glad you're making W1S1 work for you!

  6. No, thank you, Milo! W1S1 is a great motivator.

  7. Madeline, I know exactly what you mean about letting something sit...Lord knows there are a few stories I've sent out that should have sat permanently at home!

    But I also pull out old stories, poems, or essays when I see a market or call-out where they could fit. So even if I write only one or two new pieces during the month, I revise or quick-edit a few pieces to send out, too.

    Which is why in January, I wrote two new stories and submitted, and polished or revised a half dozen poems and sent out for competitions. Plus, I worked on a novel manuscript and sent that out for a conference critique. seemed like a lot more. Because honestly, I'm wore out! :-)

  8. Uh, Cathy? You DID do a lot! You should be tired. :)

    I have categories/stages of stories - ones that are only in idea/notes stage, others that need revision, ones that are ready to go out but need market research. At any one time, I try to have at least one piece out and one I'm working on. And, of course, there's always the novel work...