Thursday, January 6, 2011

Liquid Inspiration

I think my husband is trying to tell me something with one of my Christmas gifts.  At first, when I slid the two bottles of water out of the fancy wine tube, I thought he was just trying to keep me healthy and hydrated.  But then I took a good look at one of the bottles.  The label read - Inspiration - Monroeville Writers Water.  Hmm, okaaaay...   

But I kept reading and learned that Monroeville, Alabama has been home to some of the South's great writers, including Harper Lee.  Rick Bragg called it "the cradle of Southern literature."  How could so many amazing writers come from one small town?  The proposed answer is there must be something in the water

And now I have two bottles of it in my hot little hands.  "Find your muse with a drink from the fountain of literary inspiration" the labels says.  "It's refreshing, inspiring and 100% Southern."  Hmm, I wonder if it will work for a transplanted Northerner like me?  And when should I drink it?  Before I'm stuck, keep the juices flowing?  When I'm stuck, give me a sudden burst of creativity?  Decisions, decisions. 

So, while those holiday TV commercials show husbands giving their wives expensive cars as gifts, my husband knew what I needed.  He knew I needed something way more valuable than wheels.  Encouragement and inspiration and support are priceless.  His encouragement and inspiration and support are priceless. 

Hmm, maybe he's getting a little worn down, a little tried, of keeping me going.  (I can be exhausting.)  Maybe he needs to drink more water.  Hey, maybe he needs some liquid inspiration.  Good thing I have two bottles...

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