Monday, August 23, 2010

Motivational Monday!

Whew!  My current project is done and I can get back to revising my novel!  Yeh!

A great resource for all of us who are working on novels, is agent Nathan Bransford's weekly post called, Page Critique Monday.  The how-tos and rules are on the post but basically what happens is you can submit the first page of your novel in the forums, and then Nathan chooses a page at random and critiques it on the blog.  If it's your page, you get a free crit from a well-known agent and advice and encouragement from fellow writers.  Even if it's not yours, you still get the benefit of learning what works and what doesn't on the posted page.  The link for last week's page is here, and the link for Nathan's crit is here.   Make sure you check out the archives and continue to go back every week.  It's worth it!

Last week was a winning week!  I won a book at Cathy C.'s Hall of Fame.  It's called THE QUICK AND THE THREAD by Amanda Lee - love that title! 

I received a Circle of Friends award from Donna's Book Pub.  I then sent the award on to five blogging buddies - check out the links to their blog here

Hmm, I wonder what this week will have in store...

Happy Monday!

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