Monday, August 2, 2010

Motivational Monday and . . .

. . . happy 50th blog post to The Shellshank Redemption!  And its author - me.  And its inspiration - the tortoises, Larry and Mrs. Larry.  Hmm, I think a cupcake or some ice cream or some romaine lettuce is in order. 

Last week, my sister emailed a picture with the subject "I'm Reading My Book At The Library."  Now, I love my sister but do I really need to see a picture of her reading?  When I opened the email, my 3 yr old nephew grinned out at me from the screen.  He was reading his book at the library and he looked quite comfortable doing it.  He was stretched out in a green lounge type chair, picture book opened on his lap.  It made me smile the whole day.  It still does.   

If a child enjoying a book is not enough motivation for you, go ahead and congratulate Cathy C. Hall on her Blogger of Note Award.  The only problem is, if you read her post, you'll come away with a show tune stuck in your head for the rest of the day.  Trust me.

It's the first Monday of August - let's make it a great month of writing and reading!

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