Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Final Book Spine Poem

And here is my final "book spine poem." (Click here to see how it all began, and here for a second poem.) Remember, just read down the titles of the books.

I really enjoyed this whole exercise. When I write fiction, I'm always looking for the most concrete noun, the strongest verb. There's a structure to a story, a novel. I know poetry uses great words and has structure, too, but to me - a non-poet - it also feels like there's a gracefulness, a freedom inherent in poetry that I don't usually find in a story. It's like fiction (stories, novels) is the pair of cute yet sturdy pink-and-brown sneakers you wear all the time and poetry is the pair of shiny sandals that lets you show off your toe rings and painted orange nails.

(See, that description is exactly why I'm not a poet.)


  1. I think you should write a poem about shoes. :-)

    (Now that you've got the hang of things! Liked your last book spine poem.)

  2. Not only am I not a poet, I am not a "shoe person." I practically live in sandals, though not the shiny ones I mentioned. I do own those sneakers, but they only come out when it's too cold for the sandals!

  3. I'm not a poet either, but I do like your spine poem up there. What a great idea. I don't have time to read all the references but cool idea.

  4. Wordplay is the goal...and I'd say it was a real success! I enjoyed reading your book spine poems. Poets have to start somewhere, right? :) Happy National Poetry month!

  5. Thanks, Gay. You don't have to read the other posts - you get the general idea from this one.

  6. Thanks to you, Stacy, for showing me how to do the book spine poems in the first place!

    Wordplay. Word. Play. I sometimes forget that... :)