Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paint the Town Re(a)d

On Saturday, the main county library held an afternoon event called "Paint the Town Re(a)d" to celebrate reading and books. (Get it? Red=Read!) A number of local authors attended, including Blaize Clement, Suzanne Beecher, and Johanna Moran.

I first heard of Johanna Moran from my friend Debby over at Circle Books. A few months back, Deb told me to keep an eye out for Johanna's book, The Wives of Henry Oades. Deb's usually spot on with recommendations, and if she's promoting a book, you can bet it's going to be good. It wasn't out yet, but I made a note of it. I saw mention of it again online, where it was getting good reviews. I sent Johanna a quick email, letting her know I was looking forward to reading it. She sent a nice note back.

So, I was looking forward to meeting her at the event, and I can honestly say, she was just as gracious in person. We chatted a bit about writing, and she signed a copy of her book (purchased from Circle Books, of course!) for me. She asked me to let her know what I think of it, and I most definitely will.

{A side note here: I did a blog post awhile back about taking the time to email authors when you've enjoyed their work. Well, Johanna remembered that first email I sent her, and told me it was one of her first fan emails. She even mentioned it when she signed my book!}


  1. Madeline, you're a lovely lady. Thanks so much for the kind words. xo, Johanna

  2. And thank you, Johanna! I wish you much success with your novel and writing career.