Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Meeting of Like Minds

Last night, I went to our local chapter's meeting of the FWA (Florida Writers Association.) I hadn't been in awhile, and I was looking forward to it. Elizabeth Sims, author and contributing editor to Writer's Digest magazine, was going to use us as "guinea pigs" for a writing exercise she was considering using in her future workshops. It turned out to be a fun and educational evening.

But what I like most about the meetings are the people. We are a diverse group - different ages, backgrounds, life experiences, and even different writing dreams and goals. Some have full time jobs or are retired. Some are single, others are married, some have children, others have pets. I don't want to say none of that matters, because it does - it influences what we write and read and how we interpret things - but it also doesn't matter because in that room, we are all writers. We are bound by our love of the written word - whether our own or someone else's. The enthusiasm and energy of the group is palpable.

Of course, the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes didn't hurt anything either! (Thanks, Linda!)


  1. Know exactly what you mean! There's nothing like sharing stories with a bunch of writers-maybe that's why we like blogs so much?!

  2. Funny, because pretty much the only blogs I read are related to writing and reading. An example? Hmm... your blog, of course!