Monday, February 15, 2010

Help for the Semi-Carsick Writer

I would love to use a long car ride (as a passenger, of course!) to work on my writing. And I do, to an extent. I have paper, a pen, and a list of ideas or stories I'm working on. The problem is, I can only write a few words or a sentence at a time before I start feeling sick and have to look up. My husband suggested using a mini recorder, and I know I have some sort of recording thingy on my cell phone, too, but I would rather be car sick than have to listen to my own voice read my ideas back to me. It's not that my ideas are so fabulous that I need Morgan Freeman to narrate them, but even the good ones will just sound sad in my squeaky, recorded "Minnie Mouse" voice.

What do all the semi-carsick writers out there do? Any suggestions anyone? Not only will I appreciate it, but so will my husband, who has had numerous story ideas bounced off him followed by explicit orders to "Remind me of this later." (And you know what? He always does. That's the kind of guy he is.)


  1. Have to admit that not only do I read in the car, but I write, too. When Im not driving.

    HOWEVER, I have a daughter who can't even look for something in my purse without getting carsick. Use the tape recorder idea. And talk in a really low voice. :-)

  2. Ha! I'll have to give that a try, Cathy.

    I'm jealous though because I would LOVE to be able to read and/or write on a car trip...