Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Ripe for the Reading

I recently purchased Pomegranate, a collection of stories by Gay Degani. I've been a fan/friend of Gay's for awhile now and I was so pleased to see her put this collection together. Two of the stories, "Chair Girl" and "Pomegranate," are new.

"Chair Girl" reminds us that we shouldn't be so quick to judge, that story and voice can come from an unusual place and when it does, it's often pure magic. "Pomegranate" is achingly bittersweet, and I loved it.

The previously published, "Rim Shot," is one of my favorite Gay Degani stories even though (as far as I know) it's not one of her most acclaimed. On the first read, a gasping suspense slides beneath the words and carries us through to the stunning end. But even reading it again, even knowing the ending, it still has a breathtaking quality. It takes skill to make that happen, to make that work.

Go, Gay!


  1. Thanks Madeline for such a wonderful review. I got all quivery reading it. Now I'm looking for your collection.

  2. You're welcome, Gay! I hope the collection gets into the hands of lots of readers.