Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Larry Move

Over the summer, my husband and I traveled up north to see family. My husband had used his phone to take a few pictures and a brief video of the tortoises to show my two-year-old nephew. My nephew leaned on my husband's knee and watched the photos click by, watched the video of Larry moving around. When my husband cycled back around to the still pictures, my nephew looked up and said, "Make Larry move."

If only it was that easy to get the muse moving! Push a button, make ideas, thoughts, characters, and dialogue slide, shift and flip through my mind, my own private screening.

And you now what? Sometimes it IS that easy - sometimes all it takes is a pat of the M on the keyboard or a press on the top of a pen.

And on the days it's not that easy? I just sit and enjoy those still shots and wait - as patiently as I can - for the movie to start back up. It always does.

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