Friday, April 12, 2013

King's Speech: K is for KEEP

Regular readers of The Shellshank Redemption know how much I enjoy a good quote (see Motivational Mondays) and that I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (see the King of All Days Part I and Part II.) So, for the 2013 A-Z Challenge, I decided to combine the two, using some of my favorite King quotes about reading, writing and life in general. Enjoy!


For Madeline - KEEP Writing!
(Stephen King)

This is what Stephen King wrote in my copy of On Writing years ago. Yes, I know he probably writes the same thing in everyone’s copy, but I don’t care. It gave me the encouragement and boost of creative energy I needed back then.

And it still does. 


  1. Yeah, who cares if he writes that for everyone. Coming from King, it's way cool.

    I met one of my favorite writers, Jess Walter, and he signed "write like the wind." It's kind of silly, but I like it.

  2. If he had written something like that to me on anything, I would've photocopied it and wallpapered the walls of my office with it.

    Keep writing...that's the best thing any of us can do.

  3. That's really cool you met him and got an autograph!

  4. Tim - I don't think that's silly at all!

    MJ - now that's not a bad idea... :)

    Alex - oh, yeah!

  5. I'm jealous!!! I'd love to have him sign my copy :)

  6. What a novel idea for you A to Z! I will have to go back and read them all!

  7. Kate - I was very lucky! :)

    Kathy - thank you! I hope you enjoy the rest of them.

    Connie - isn't it?! :)

  8. Ahaha not to everyone. Or there's a Tom out there going "Who's Madeline?"

    Seriously. I am totally jealous you have an autographed copy.

  9. Michael - we all have to keep going. :)

    Jai - ha ha! :) Believe me, I know how lucky I am.

  10. So very awesome to have that (even if lots of others may have something similar written in theirs)!

  11. Well, that was a very cool quote!

    It must have been exciting to meet him. I would have been thrilled. I love his book, but there's no autograph in my copy.

    Kitchen and Kinfolk
    The Daille-y News

  12. Lexie - I think so, too. ;)

    Barbara - I was thrilled enough for all of us. :)

  13. I would love to have an On Writing book with that on it! That's totally awesome. :)

    Have a great weekend, Madeline!

  14. That's awesome!

    I got to talk to Robert Cormier on the phone. We talked about a couple of his books, and he told me that moving forward and writing (even if it's bad) is the only way to hone your craft.

    These days, I allow myself to write terrible stuff...especially if I'm doing NaNo

  15. Julie - have a great weekend yourself! :)

    Jay - I think the moving forward is the key - with most things in life, including writing. If we don't, we just get stuck in whatever it is.