Wednesday, April 10, 2013

King's Speech: I is for INSIDE

Regular readers of The Shellshank Redemption know how much I enjoy a good quote (see Motivational Mondays) and that I’m a huge fan of Stephen King (see the King of All Days Part I and Part II.) So, for the 2013 A-Z Challenge, I decided to combine the two, using some of my favorite King quotes about reading, writing and life in general. Enjoy!


Fiction is the truth INSIDE the lie.
(Stephen King)

On the surface, a novel is basically a lie. Beneath the surface, however, is a seed of truth. It might be buried within a far-out plot or carried in the pocket of an absolutely vile villain but it’s there, waiting for us to find it, to dig it up and plant it in our imaginations, in our minds, where the truth takes on a life beyond the page. 


  1. So very true. I think there is so much to learn about human nature, interaction- life in general through made up fiction. Sounds odd but it's absolutely true.

    Great thought for today and I! :)

  2. This is what probably brings us back to books again and again. It's like seeing bits of ourselves lived out in different lives and different universes.

  3. So very true. The stories that resonate for me are the ones that have done just that.

  4. Kate - I love the idea of pieces of ourselves living different lives through books. :)

    Jai - I love, too, how different stories - and truths! - resonate for different people.

  5. I love Kate's comment too! I never thought of it that way but so true.

    I just noticed your pic on the sidebar of a Day in the Life of Larry and Mrs. Larry. Haha I love it. Looks like these two have a rough way to go. :D

  6. If there wasn't some truth to it, we couldn't relate.

  7. Julie - yes, the torts - Larry especially - love to soak in "the spa," although lately he's been chivalrous and letting ML go first. :)

    Alex - definitely.

  8. I love this quoting theme. I am not as familiar with King of All Days Parts I & II but I look forward to being better introduced through your postings! Thank you for the enlightening read!

    Erick @ A Brief Sinfonia: Loving You're Wife From A-Z

  9. Great quote. Stephen King offers so many great quotes about writing.

  10. From the post title I immediately thought of the movie/theatre play "The King's Speech".

    I love today's quote - ..."a novel is basically a lie".

    Marcie @ Marcie's Postbox

  11. The truth grounds the fantastic. It's a great quote.

  12. Erick - if you want to read about The King of All Days just go ahead and click the links in the intro or in the sidebar. It's a funny story. :)

    Cynthia - he's been at it a long time. :)

    Marcie - I was trying to be clever. :)

    M - oh, I love that about how the truth grounds the fantastic!

  13. Great quote. Fiction has to convey the truth of the story for it to convince - I mean we're all trying to capture human nature, aren't we?

  14. loving the quotes!
    d is my fave! then i

  15. Nick - human nature captured on the page. :)

    Valerie - I'm glad! :)

    Tara - there's still a lot of letters left... :)

  16. One little seed, so many different sprouts.

    Good quote.

    Kitchen and Kinfolk
    The Daille-y News