Monday, January 21, 2013

Motivational Monday

(Zig Ziglar)

Being positive does not come naturally to me. I work at it, I really do. So, it makes it that much harder for me to hold on when I'm dealing with negative people, or as my husband calls them, the "voices of doom." 

I'm not talking about people who are usually upbeat. I'm not talking about someone who's going through a rough time and needs to vent. I'm not talking about catching someone in the midst of a really crummy day. Everyone has those moments. And believe me, I am not a bright-sider. I don't wear rose-colored glasses. I strive to be positive with a good dose of reality thrown in. 

But I am easily swayed by other people's moods. This is not such a problem when the person is positive, but when they're the kind of person who dives in and digs out the negative buried way down deep within the positive? I'm in trouble.  

I'm getting better at it though. I try to steer the conversation in a positive direction. I think of fun or funny things to talk about. If I have to, I limit contact or wait until I'm feeling good and strong in my own attitude before putting myself in a potentially negative situation. 

But I've realized, since coming across this quote, that it works both ways. Yes, I might get doom and gloom heaped upon me BUT I might also be able to cheer someone up or help them look at something in a more positive light. Maybe someone will "catch" my attitude instead of the other way around. I've started asking myself, what am I bringing to the conversation or the situation? Am I being positive and upbeat or am I being a "voice of doom?" 

And if all that fails, I just bang my head against the wall for a moment, then eat a piece of chocolate and move on.

Are you easily influenced by the attitudes of others? How does your attitude influence those around you? In a positive or a negative way? Any suggestions for how to stay positive? 


  1. Negative people make us appreciate the positive ones!
    I've learned to be positive. Fortunately I've always been very even-keeled, so never really been negative.
    I think the only one who can really sway me is my wife.

  2. Alex - I'm extremely fortunate in that my husband is one of the most positive and encouraging people I know. :)

  3. The more negative people are, the more positive I am. I especially notice that Hubby and I complement each other - if he's stressed or angry with the kids, I'm all calm and reasonable; and vice versa. This is probably better than copying his mood!

  4. Very thoughtful of you, Madeline. Not everyone considers how they're influencing others. I'm certainly going to do this more today because of this post. Thanks!

  5. Annalisa - that is so great! By doing that, you probably help each other get back into better moods, too.

    Emily - I'm glad! I'm still working on it though. I once read somewhere that we should be aware of the energy we bring into a room. I try to keep it in mind but I don't always succeed.

  6. Some days are easier to be positive than others. When I was younger and someone would show a negative attitude I would respond the same way. I've learned that only makes matters worse. Now, when I encounter someone with a negative attitude, I try to be upbeat and figure they might have had a bad day.

  7. Donna - that's a good point about someone maybe just having a bad day and that's the reason they're negative. It's good to give them the benefit of the doubt. :)

  8. Love, love, LOVE this! I could read this every day! What a wonderful reminder and pick me up! :)

  9. i definitely avoid depressing whiney people... so i try to stay positive and on my best so others don't avoid me :D

  10. i am so like you! a positive realist banging my head at negative people. my son is sooooo negative. i try to make him aware of it without making it worse and constantly encourage and show the bright side. if you have other suggestions, pls share! (counselor isnt much help either)

  11. Leigh - feel free to bookmark it! :)

    Tammy - good for you!

    Tara - I'm sorry I don't have any other suggestions. I am not a trained therapist or...well, anything. Could it be a phase? Were your other children the same at that age? Were you or any other family members like that as kids? Could it be a sign of depression?

  12. sorry to leave you with such a downer comment! my middle guy seems to have all my & my hubs bad traits, the other two are much happier. we have him in counseling, always hopeful and keep trying, he has a sweet and funny soul mostly clouded by insecurity... thanks for listening =)

  13. Tara - no problem at all! I just wish I was more help. Hang in there!