Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Off The Shelf Challenge: April

Some of you might recall how I blogged last month about my abysmal progress in The Off The Shelf Challenge. Yeah, well, April wasn't much better. I started a handful of books . . . that I ended up putting down. I did actually read a number of books . . . but most of them weren't from my shelf or already on my TBR list so they don't count for the Challenge. I really need to get cracking. Watch out, May!

Challenge Books read in January:  4
Challenge Books read in February:  5
Challenge Books read in March:  1 (Still hanging my head in shame...)


Challenge Books read in April:  2
Non Challenge Books read in April:  4 
Total Books read in April:  6


Total Challenge Books read so far in 2012:  12
Total Non Challenge Books read so far in 2012:  11
Total Books read in 2012:  23


Standouts from April include:

Chomp by Carl Hiassen - this wasn't on my OTS Challenge list but I couldn't resist this middle grade/young adult romp through the Everglades that includes an animal wrangler, a reality TV show "survivalist," air boats, and enough interesting and funky animals and information to fill the Everglades themselves. And Carl Hiassen is one of the few writers who can get away with calling two of the characters "Wahoo" and "Tuna." This is a fun read for all ages but if you know a boy who likes to read - or one who isn't all that crazy about it - give them Chomp. But if they end up wanting to wrestle alligators or handle snakes or become a TV reality show star, don't blame me.


  1. I read 27 books last year. I wish you luck on your progress with your goals.

  2. Michael - thanks! I usually read a chunk of books but focusing on ones I already own or that have been on my TBR list for forever is harder than I thought it would be. So many books, so little time... :)

  3. Chomp sounds like great fun, especially since I went to grad school at UVA where the unofficial mascot is the Wahoo. And I always like having more books to add to my list for reluctant boy readers.

    Best of luck with OTS next month!

  4. Jillian - another good MG/YA book of his is HOOT. And good luck to you, too. :)

  5. 23 books read this year is nothing to feel bad about. You're doing great!

    Elizabeth Twist: Writer, Plague Enthusiast

  6. Elizabeth - thanks! I just need to get cracking on my Challenge books...