The People We Used to Be


The stories in this flash fiction collection are like day trips - brief, illuminating journeys - across the landscape of the human condition. 

An old woman, with the help of a neighbor and a terrified dog, challenges a young punk disturbing the peace. 

A middle-aged woman confronts a former lover as he holds her at gunpoint. 

A boy learns the meaning of true friendship as a baseball game takes a terrifying turn. 

A runaway searches for her own face among a wall of Missing posters. 

Some of the characters find the strength to move forward while others struggle to just move on. Old. Young. Grieving. Lost. Alone. Smart. Funny. Tough. They are us. 

This collection of 17 stories contains both new and previously published work. It includes "Hungry," winner of the Writer Advice 6th Flash Prose Contest and "A Quarter for Your Thoughts," winner in the Published Flash Fiction category of the Florida Writers Association's Royal Palm Literary Awards, 2008.

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Cover design: Jeroen Ten Berge 

Formatting:  Polgarus Studio

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